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번호 : 23
글쓴날 : 2003-01-24 12:12:01
글쓴이 : 보건연합 조회 : 1680
제목: 노바티스에 전세계가 항의하고 있다

브라질에서 날아온 성명입니다. 

현재 브라질 포르투알레그레 세계사회포럼에서는 전세계에서 온 활동가들이 전쟁과
자본주의에 반대해 토론하고 논쟁하고 투쟁하고 있습니다. 
세계사회포럼은 평화를 사랑하고 다른 세상을 원하는 세계인들의 거대한 축제입니다.
(노바티스는 다보스 경제포럼-다국적기업과 지배자들의 축제-의 후원단체입니다) 

민주노총, 환경연합, 보건의료단체연합, 다함께 등으로 구성된 한국참가단도 이들과 함께
하고 있습니다. 한국참가단은 한국 포럼을 열어서 글리벡 문제를 전세계에 알리고
노바티스에 대한 항의를 조직하고 있습니다. 이들은 지금 전세계활동가들에게 노바티스에
항의하는 서명을 받고 있습니다. 
다음은 그 내용입니다. 

Norvatis is Mercilessly Killing Leukimia Patients! 

  Norvatis, one of the major orginizer of World Economic Forum 2003 Davos, won its
major victory over South Korean people on Jan.21 2003. The Glivec price in South
Korea is decided at 20 dollars per capsule. This means leukemia patients must pay
2500-6000 dollars a month to Norvatis for CML treatment. South Korean leukemia
patients have been courageously fighting against Norvatis to cut down the price of
Glivec, the only drug for CML treatment. 
  Many leukemia patients cannot afford 2500-6000 dollars a month wherever he or she
lives. But for Norvatis' maximaum profit, the overly costy  price of Glivec is
'optimum' to Norvatis. In its support is the WTO/TRIPs system which gives Norvatis
an exclusive patent right for 20 years. As the last place in the world, Norvatis
got its final victory in South Korea. From now on, South Koreans and all other
leukemia patients of all over the world must pay 80-200 dollars everyday just to
  Noravtis and transnational drug companies demand more and more exclusive patent
rights of new medicines. All the same as in the case of AIDS treatment medicine and
Malaria tratment medicine, they want to keep the exclusive patent rights over
essential medicines of all other diseases. 
  However, the lives of the people in the world are much more precious than the
profit for the transnational pharmaceutical companies. We cannot stand by and watch
they mercilessly kill thousands and thousands of people for their own profit. 
  Medicines are essential goods for all the people who need them. In heart, we are
with the South Korean people currently demonstring, some in their death beds,
against their government and Norvatis to cut down the price of Glivec and for
unconditional compulsory liscence for public health. 

We demand the cut down of the Glivec price and affordable price of all medicines
for suffering people in the world! 
We oppose the TRIPs and WTO! 
We will fight until the realization of full access to medicine for all people! 
Life is first, not profit! Life is first, not the patent rights! 

Korean Federation for Health Rights (KFHR) 
Coalition for Rights of Access of Glivec in Korea 
World Social Forum 2003 South Korean Delegation 

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