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글쓴날 : 2003-02-07 10:13:09
글쓴이 : 김동숙 조회 : 1071
링크 : http://www.withnews.com/read.php3?no=192#
제목: Subject:* Leukemia Patients Arrest by Police Force

Subject:* Leukemia Patients Arrest by Police Force

Today morning Korean leukemia patients and NGO members visited Navartis
Korea to ask a meeting with Mr. Bobe, a president of Novartis Korea. 
We planed in this meeting to discuss possible ways to solve current problems of
access to Glivec, cancer durg patented and solely
sold by Novartis. However, in our four-hours protests, we are arrested by the
policy officials. In this process, two injured patients are sent to hospital by an
ambulance car. You can see the story at 

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